Gen_Legacy|| Lelethu and Kabisi published about Sphe giving Philani money to buy her shares

Kabisi went to Lelethu to aske him to dig up some information about where Philani got his funding to buy half of Sphe’s shares at a 20 percent premium. Lelethu did his work and he found the truth with facts.

He told Kabisi that Sphe is the who gave Philani money through an off-shore account, he even gave him proof. Kabisi and Lelethu went to Fikile to ask for her permission to publish the story because they know that Mazwi wouldn’t agree to publish the story because it involves Sphe.


They showed Fikile the proof and she agreed on condition that they ask Sphe about her side of the story. They quickly called Sphe and asked for her side of the story but she hung up after realizing that Moroka Media has uncovered the truth about the sale of her shares.

Lelethu published the story and stayed in the office with Kabisi because they knew that Mazwi will come and indeed he came. He made a U-turn at the highway to stop them from publishing the story but he was late. When they told him the real reason they published the story, he was surprised.