Gashers surprises their favorite housemates with holiday to another country

Gashers have big plans for their favorite housemate and they won’t let anyone disturb them, because they want Gash’s relationship with Thato to last forever. After all, it inspires many young people who are still looking to be involved in a serious relationship.

The fans of these two housemates have booked this couple for a holiday destination in another country, and the two will be having a romantic holiday soon, because they have been busy trying to honor the bookings that they get from different events that wee hosted around the country.




Cashiers know how to spoil their housemate’s sand maybe that is the reason why they have dug deep into their pockets to booked the for a holiday destination, but they have not revealed the name of the country because they are still preparing these a huge trip.

Big Brother is one of the shows that has opened doors for many people and housemates turn to be important people when they are living in the house, we’re the municipality that they are coming from using them as the face of tourism in the community to attract tourist.

But some have got big deals from huge brands in the country to be the face of their company, and people like Themba have announced as the host of Dj Tira party that will be hosted soon and this will be a huge boost for their careers, because more promoters will come and invite them for other events in the country. After all, their popularity is something that anyone cannot ignore.