Gail Mabalane leaves her fans in stitches after printing Kabelo’s fathers’ day gift their children.

Women are always over the top when it comes to things. That’s why men are no longer surprised when we hijack their birthdays and father’s day. They feel like they can’t do anything without us. Which is true, as they say behind every successful man is a woman.




Gail Mabalane is a businesswoman and actress. She’s been on our screens for many years now. She’s recently introduced her own hair, which is already available at Clicks. She’s busy filming season 3 of Blood and Water. Gail is married to pastor and businessman Kabelo. The couple is blessed with two children.

It is Father’s day and fathers all over were expecting to be spoiled. But for Kabelo it was another story. Gail shared a picture of their children wearing t-shirts printed that they are his present and Gail says thank you. The post left her fans in stitches. It’s cute and very funny.