Gail and Kabelo Mabalane love their beautiful daughter

Gail and Kabelo Mabalane are of Mzansi’s power couples, with an estimated net worth of one to three million US dollars. They have been together or rather married from 2013, which is a total number of eight years in marriage. They have two children, namely : the little handsome Khumo Mabalane and their beautiful daughter, Zoe Leano Mabalane was born on 2015, just few years after her parents got married.


Zoe is no stranger to the social media space, as she has more than seventy five thousand followers on her own Instagram page (75k). Being a daughter of an amazing actress and musical artist, she too kept the bar higher. She surely is intelligent, super active, articulative in her speech, talkative and beautiful.


A good parent in the 21st century does one thing for their child, introduce them to the social media space. The Malebanes are managing to secure a huge portion of their daughters financial and social success by introducing her to social media at a very young age. Something many western celebrity do too, like Kim Kardashian. Doing this yields the spontaneous growth of their child’s social media presence with their age. Case in point, how many followers will Zoe have by age 16.

The advantage of having a large audience on one’s Instagram is that you are able to monetize it well. Firstly in a few months or weeks Zoe Mabalane might be verified, making her famous, therefore able to promote most probably kid’s brands. All of this is digital intelligence for the benefit of the future.

Apart from her personality, Zoe has very healthy and good hair, attracting many kid’s hair brand to her page for promotions. So far, she has collaborated with a variety of brands including Eucirin and Huggies pampers.