Funani finally reunites with his daughter next on House of Zwide

What to expect this coming week on the house of wide all that we have been waiting for is finally revealed.

Funani has been doing his investigation under wraps and faith has no idea how close Funani is about to finding out her secret.

While Ona is excited and is looking forward to working at House of Zwide. Funani finds out that his wife had a hand in the disappearance of his daughter but he plays it cool to not alert her so he can find out exactly what her role was.


Kele is given a project at school about family that forces Isaac to confront his past again. Funanis quest for the truth ends in a deadly confrontation with Isaac and Pearl seems to have fallen in love but leaving Laz in a dilemma.

Funani and Isaac get into a tussle and the gun is fired, while their families are getting ready for a party and they are nowhere to be seen. The truth is revealed and Funani questions Faith in Infront of Rea.

Faith tries to save herself by putting all the blame on Isaac but Funani in onto her and doesn’t fall for her words.


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