From ‘rags to riches’, the inspiring story of out how Andile Sithole

South African actor Andile Sithole has been the man of the show on Scandal, with his Tender business bringing him many troubles. He went from being an upright man to being a fool to his business partner in the business who is using him for his gain. Andile Sithole has been part of the Scandal family for several years, and many fans assumed that he is older than his actual age.



Andile Sithole’s role as Ndumiso in Scandal
Ndumiso has been through a lot since joining the show, from issues regarding love, family and even business. He joined the show playing the role of Kila’s brother, who came to Johannesburg seeking fortune and a better life. The role of Kila was played by famous actor Siyabonga Shibe who has since moved on to other shows.

Andile Sithole in Scandal
Andile Sithole in Scandal-Image Source(Instagram/AndileSithole)
His baby mama recently returned from the middle east, and they fought for their child before working things out. Just as soon as things started going well for Ndumiso, he landed a big tender to do construction business. While getting money for his tender, he came across Mahlangu, who acted as if he was trying to help. However, he has been asking Ndumiso for bribes on behalf of people who did not exist, which has since been exposed and gotten Mahlangu arrested.

His acting career and business empire
The actor was part of the open call casting held in KZN back in 2012 and then joined the cast. He had been active as an actor since he was 14, when he would be cast in school plays. On television, though, he has always been a part of Scandal, who failed to join the music industry because his schedule with Scandal would not allow it. Having grown as an actor over the years, Andile started his own production company, which he is the CEO of called Jobert Productions

Andile Sithole’s age revealed
Andile Sithole
Andile Sithole-Image Source(Instagram/AndileSithole)
The actor’s age has been questioned several times, as different blogs said different ages. However, it has been revealed that Andile Sithole was born in December 1988, making him 33 years of age. This has come as a shock to his fans as he takes on a more mature role that makes people think he is in his late thirties when he is younger.