Former Yizo-Yizo and Gomora actor lands a new role

Following a couple of months away from the spotlight due to recovery from leg surgery, the actor is now back to doing what he excels at. Fans of the actor, who is now 50 years old, took to various social media sites to express their admiration for the outstanding work that he has done as Mazibuko in the series.




The actor expressed his delight to the Daily Sun about the prospect of getting back to work and continuing to do what he enjoys. Israel mentioned that he has been receiving some love from his followers across various social media platforms, and he believes this to be evidence that he is doing well.

“Good day, everyone! My name is Mazibuko, and I’m an entrepreneur and businessman. Very cold-hearted individual on this show, Israel remarked.

He said that a large number of people will see both the positive and negative sides of this businessman.

“It’s a very fantastic thing to be able to play a role on national television and have the audience enjoy me as much as they do. My contributions have been at the forefront of conversation and have dominated social media. He stated, “I am working on a lot of projects, but the majority of them involve me having a role in them.” According to the actor, there is more to come from playing this part.