Former Uzalo actress Gugu Gumede’s recent moments with her daughter melted a lot of peoples hearts

Mothers help shape history as they develop and shape the lives entrusted to their children. They will never do the perfect job, and as mothers, it’s a very valuable thing to know deep down, because if they feel like they have to be perfect, they will be under the pressure of this unrealistic expectation crash down.



Motherhood is one of the most incredible and extraordinary experiences in a woman’s life. Some women have been blessed with the privileges of becoming moms and one of these privileged moms is Gugu Gumede. Gugu is a popular actress popularly recognized for her role on Uzalo as Mamlambo.

The star has been on the show from the get go and a lot of people fell in love with her personality through the show. It’s been a while since we last saw her on our screens as she is now a mother. The star hardly shares any pictures with her daughter but recently she did that, leaving many of her fans flabbergasted.

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