Former Scandal stars Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu recently shared a beautiful family moments.

There are so many amazing couples in Mzansi whose love story has been absolutely inspiring and incredible. We have seen many of them sticking together no matter what they might be going through in their lives. The relationship between trust and love is a close one. Trust means trusting yourself, your own judgments and trusting others. Trust is the foundation for any relationship.

Without it, the relationship will be shaky and will eventually fail. Lack of trust is the main reason relationships fall apart. One of the most popular and amazing couples in Mzansi is Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu who were both playing role of Scandal which airs on The couple has been through so much in their marriage but they managed to pull through as a couple.





The couple are now new parents and they have shared their journey of how they first got a miscarriage before being blessed with their first child together. Former Scandal actors Stephanie and Hungani Ndlovu welcomed their first child a few weeks ago and a lot people were so happy for them. The couple shared the news of its pregnancy journey and birth announcement on its YouTube channel.

Previously, the couple shared that at some point in its relationship, it suffered a miscarriage and shared the healing journey on its channel. This couple is absolutely amazing and they deserve all the best that life has to offer, after all that they have been through in their marriage. Stephanie recently took to her Instagram stories to share a beautiful moment with her family as they had some family time.

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