Former Scandal actress Sive Mabuya and her husband recently inspired Mzansi with their love.

Everyone deserves someone they get to call their forever. Your love is inspiring others. Between the pictures, the smiles, all of it, you’ve changed someone’s heart. You’ve helped them not give up on love. Sometimes love will show up late or early, but it does show up at some point in life, sometimes all we need to do, is to just be patient.




A lot of people have found their forever and they are living happily together, one of the celebrities in Mzansi who has found her forever, is Sivenathi Mabuya who is popularly known for her character on Scandal as Xolile. The star got married to her long time boyfriend a few months ago.

The couple has been sharing adorable pictures of themselves together on their social media platforms and a lot people love seeing them together. Sive recently shared adorable pictures with her husband, their love inspired many of their followers. What do think of this remarkable and amazing couple’s recent pictures together? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, like and don’t forget to hit the share button.