Former Pirates star seen wearing a skirt

The former Orlando Pirates midfielder Linda Mntambo has once again proved that he doesn’t follow any trends when it comes to dress code. Ideally, the skirt was meant to be worn by women, but nowadays things have changed. Since, anyone can wear whatever that they want as long as they’re fine with it, then other people’s opinions doesn’t matter. However, social media will definitely have individual scrutinizing certain people’s dress codes as they feel it shouldn’t be socially acceptable. Since, men are supposed to be wearing pants nor shorts rather than skirts as that doesn’t fit under the whole alpha male world.




Mntambo has been a fashionista for sometime and even grew his Instagram following in order to attract other brands into working with him. By the looks of things, it doesn’t bother him that his team mates at Sekhukhune United are not used to a male that wears dresses. As he pictured leaving their training session in a dress. Since, he came wearing too and shared the same training room with his squad. Also, they had to accept his rather unorthodox fashion that most footballers wouldn’t recommend. Even though some players are into the limelight, outside their professional life.

The 34-year-old midfielder knows that his career is coming to an end and he’ll have to look forward into his life after football. He’s definitely treating his social media platforms like its business as he’s promoting his work too. One thing for sure, he loves his inner circle and that makes his grounded too. As he posts his family and friends every now and then. It gets to show that during his injury, he’ll get all the support he needs to recover.