Former Generations star get married and she is happy for a new life

Former Generations star Denise Zimba is officially off the market as being married. She was part of Generations with Connie Ferguson, Rapulana, Katlego Danke, NaakmMusiQ, and more, but she left the show before they got fired. Ever since then, she has been quiet with happiness that has now come to light with her marriage.




It is wonderful for her to be married and have a child to mentor in order to become a better person. It was surprised to learn that she is married and this is how other famous people usually get married. It becomes known after they are married and during the time planning of the marriage and including the actual date for the wedding, it is still a secret.

She has managed to keep herself from not trending on social media even though she is well known. Some other famous people like Pearl Thusi are trending and they have reached a point where they are getting dragged for what they are tweeting. With Zimba, she does not want to find herself in that position, which is great.


It is not nice to find yourself being dragged and on social media, they don’t really take it into consideration if it was a mistake. They are just keeping themselves busy with it. She does not want to be trending. But as for Denise being able to stay away from the clout-chasing group, she will surely keep her marriage life off social media.


If you want to have privacy about your life, whether you are married or not, don’t post about your life on social media and you will not have a bad moment having to read a lot of bad comments on social media. They would not be entirely good when Denise has to read and feel bad about her life on social media.

Hopefully she will have a lifetime marriage because many other famous people have been divorcing lately. And when if it happens, it becomes a mess where they are fighting for assets and maintenance from the other person. Previously, it was thought that women fought the hardest for asset division, but this has changed and men now want a share of their marriage’s assets as well.