Former Generations star blast the journalist for badmouthing her about health and house

The lives of celebraties are constantly dissected by their fans out of criticism and even envy at times. It’s always difficult for celebrities to live their lives in secrets without the press digging into their businesses. In most cases when this happens that’s could lead the celeb into taking legal actions trying to clear their name. As they feel that their brands are getting affected and even other individuals that were hoping to work with them might pull away from different projects.




Now, the former SABC1 soapie Generations star Sophie Ndaba didn’t serve anyone with letters as she decided to call out a well-known journalist who wrote something that frustrated her. According to the Sunday World journalist, she lost her house as it was allegedly sold by Mercantile Bank as she couldn’t keep up with the monthly installments. “It doesn’t matter how high or low powered you are. It does not give you the right as a journalist to write a mockery about a person who has trended for years, who has had many obituaries written about her, a person who every day wakes up and struggles with a killer disease that is diabetes. I’m a single mother and my children need me, I don’t need the stress,” said Ndaba on a video that she posted on her Instagram page.

The famous Queen Moroka on Generations stated that the journalist had no idea what she wrote about on the tabloid. Also, she felt that her health shouldn’t be a discussion since it’s something that she’s has no control over. “I have lost everything before. Whatever she is talking about is nothing. I was sick for two full years and lost everything. You’re not going to take my kid’s livelihood because you want to make a quick buck. It is a sign of desperation,” said Ndaba speaking on the Instagram video.

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