Former Generations actress respond to allegations of her son who beat his girlfriend

A local actor who was very popular for her role as Ntombi Khumalo in the SABC daily show Generations, has finally commented on the rumors that his son beat his girlfriend.

The news that Sonia Mbele’s son, Donell Mbele, hit his girlfriend is all over the social media after the girlfriend posted pictures and videos of her swollen nose.


This caused an uproar on social media, with some people expressing their disgust as to why the son’s problems must be borne by the mother because she has nothing to do with the son’s actions.

Sonia made a statement on social media, where she revealed that from the age of 17 to 26 she was in a relationship with someone who abused her by beating her, mentally and emotionally, so she takes the issue of human abuse very seriously.

The actress said she welcomed Reokeditswe Makete into her home, treated her like her own daughter and cooperated with her in supporting her in her work i. She said she wishes the lady had told her first about what happened to her rather than her finding out because she saw it on social media.

“As a mother, I wish you would have talked to me about what is happening. Finding out through social media broke my spirit”

She went on to say that his son will face his actions and he will let the law play its role. She said she knows this situation will pass and the son will get the right help because he will not raise a hand like his father.

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