Find Out Why AmaZulu King & The Queen Left Their After Hours Event Unexpected

The King and the Queen Ntokozo Mayisela-Zulu held their traditional ceremony in Newcastle where the queen was born. This ceremony came after Umembeso and umkhehlo which took place during the day. Attendees were left in dismay as they saw them being ushered out by their security personnel. The event started in good mood, as it was fully packed with some attendees having to remain standing to form part of the event.

While the event was still in progress, speakers were busy giving thanks to the King for a beautiful traditional event that preceded the one they were in. Then Mr. Thulani Nkwanyana who is the King’s traditional healer who inspects the place where the King would sit whispered something to the King and things changed for good. After that the King stood up and proceeded out, one of his bodyguards was paving a way for him by shoving attendees aside, and he used his gun. It was clear that they were in the hurry. The King was followed by his wife with her bodyguards, once outside, their cars took off at a high speed.






The whole drama happened after Prince Thulani Zulu, who served as the master of ceremony announced that after the speakers have done, the King and the Queen would stand up and sliced the cake. After that do a toast. All this did not happen due to unforeseen circumstances and the attendees were surprised by the change of events. Through trusted sources of Ilanga Newspaper, they said there was a serious threat to his security and his wife.

Another source confirmed this. The event went on as planned but after 30 minutes the mc called it off. The tripping of electricity is the main reason why the safety of the King was in jeopardy. Though Mr. Nkwanyana didn’t want to say that.

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