Finally, Hlengiwe has been reunited with her lover on Scandal

It has been hectic weeks for Hlengiwe after he was held hostage

by Amo who seems like his obsession for Hlengiwe turns him to be the bad guy, who has nearly killed innocent women in the past, and this time things got worse when Amo wanted to kill Dintle again.

The drama has been delivering the best performance lately and people were happy to see how Hlengiwe was saved from the hands of this dangerous man, who looked like he was too closed to kill someone, because he was broken his heart by the woman that he loved on his life.





But Hlengiwe has now reunited with his lover and they are looking to make up for the times that Hlengiwe spend in that house last week which ended in tears for her, because Amo has taught her a huge lesson that he will never forget in her life.

Cheating on a good guy is not a good thing and it causes him to lose his mind which might put you in danger, Amo’s state of mind was changed by Hlengiwe after breaking up with him and the guy didn’t take this good because he still thinks that the woman loves him.

Things between Dintle and Hlengiwe have started to be turned because she has learned that Amo also cheated on her with Dintle, but what is good about Amo is that he didn’t break up with her love got stronger every day and they ended up living together.