Female celebs who got married 3 times

Marriage is one of the most sought-after goals in life, but not everyone will be married for the rest of their lives. Some divorced women will remarry to find happiness, and some will even marry a third time, like the women on this list. Maybe it’s true that “the third time’s the charm.”

1. In 2007, Kwaito star Nomasonto Maswanganyi, also known as Mshoza, who is 37 years old, married a businessman from Mpumalanga. Both people in the relationship said the other was being dishonest, so in 2011 they broke up.

In 2017, she got married again. This time, it was to a businessman from Durban named Thuthukani Mvula, but the marriage did not last.

She got married for the third time to Prince Dlamini, a businessman from East Rand, at a Home Affairs office in Johannesburg in 2020.










2. Sophie Ndaba

This famous 48-year-old actress has been married three times. She is best known for her role on the daytime drama Generations. Her first husband was an actor named Themba Ndaba. Like Sophie, he works in the acting business. Right now, he plays the role of Brutus on a popular soap opera on DSTV. They were married from 1998 to 2007. When the two people got together, they had two children.

She got married to Bishop Keith Harrington in December 2011. Six months later, in June 2012, the couple got a divorce, which was said to be one of the most bitter celebrity divorces at the time.

She finally tied the knot for the third time with successful businessman Max Lichaba in 2017. The couple seems to be doing well.


3. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is an American socialite and model who is 40 years old and one of the most famous people in the world. She is married to American rapper and businessman Kanye West, but most people don’t know that she has been married twice before. Kim married music producer Damon Thomas when she was 19 years old, in the year 2000. Kim and Damon ran away together to Las Vegas to get married, but they were only married for three years. They got a divorce in 2003. Kim said it was because Damon hurt her physically and emotionally, and she said she was high on ecstasy during their Vegas wedding.

American basketball player Kris Humphries was her second husband. They got engaged in May 2011, and on August 20, 2011, they got married. The couple got a divorce after only 72 days of being married, which is thought to be one of the shortest marriages in Hollywood history.