Female celebrities who never left after their husband cheated

Enhle mbali

Enhle and Coffee ‘s love story is a beautiful one, they started dating in 2011 and three months into the relationship coffee popped the question asking her to be his wife. They then had a traditional wedding and decided not to have a white wedding because they wanted to build a home first. The couple had a white wedding seven years later. They were one of cutest couples but their union wasn’t that great as a lot of drama was following them. Rumors and claims of infedility were reported in the marriage but Mbali still stood by her partner. She ended up getting tired and finally letting it all go this year by splitting up.

Shante Broadus

The couple ‘s marriage is an excellent example that love conquers all. After almost divorcing, the couple went on to renew their vows, and they seem to be better than ever together. Snoop Dogg met Shante back in high school, and they were married in 1997. The couple also has children together – Cordé, Cordell, and Cori – two boys and one girl – from the 90s. Despite all appearances, the relationship has been shaky at times. An Instagram model and influencer named Celina Powell previously alleged to have been involved in an affair with Shante’s husband. This almost ruined them but they reconciled.

Norma Gigaba

Norma has always stood by Malusi even after he publicly cheated on her. The side chick even went to the extent of humiliating Norma but she never left. There was also an incident where her husband’s private video was leaked and she claimed it was meant for her eyes only. The couple decided to call it quits this year after it was alleged Malusi was with another woman. Norma probably got tired and she even stated the leaked video wasn’t for her.


The singer stated her husband cheated on her in one of her songs. She said Jayz cheated with a lady named Becky. Jayz also admitted doing this in an interview but his wife never left him. The couple later had twins after the whole drama.

Eniko Hart

The comedian has opened up about cheating on his wife Eniko but she never left him.