Father and daughter? What story line will the dead Ngcolosi and Fikile have on Imbewu?

Imbewu: As views decrease, The Seed revives Ngcolosi and Fikile. Imbewu in recent times: The showrunners have since been forced to do the unthinkable as a result of the show’s declining viewership.

The drama series, which stars MaZulu and is co-produced by well-known actress Leleti Khumalo, has brought back old characters after its deep.




The drama series is said to have brought back two lead actors. We can all agree that we have been curious about the identities of these two actors who are returning to the drama series.

Since then, City Press has confirmed that Imbewu: Since then, The Seed has invited Tony Kgoroge, who played Zimele Bhengu, and Phindile Gwala, who played Fikile Bhengu perfectly on screen, back to the set.

In 2020, Kgoroge, who played Zimele Ngcolosi Bhengu, left the drama series. He anticipated appearing in drama series like 7deLaan after his departure.

despite having attempted suicide upon leaving the show. The much-anticipated return is scheduled for October in the mix.

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