Fans see Ntando Duma in Sbahle after her father complained about always being ready.

Children are one of the most observant beings in the world. You might that they are young and cannot comprehend what they are seeing but they are. After observing, they are most likely to copy what they saw. It is innocent and they are doing it unaware.

Junior Derocka is a dj and musician. He has given us so many hits to dance to. Junior and Ntando Duma had Sbahle when they were still young. Still they respect each and cooperate. He is obsessed with his daughter award winning kid influencer Sbahle. We always love their cute moments together.





Junior is smitten with his adorable little girl. He makes sure to play and not mind about getting hit. He shared a cute picture of himself with her. They are both looking very cute. He reveals that she loved arguing. Those that know her mother, know that in that moment she is definitely her mother’s daughter.