Fans react to Tsatsi appearance at Kanaga Jnr party in Nigeria

Thanks for kanaga for entertaining her girl today so Blue Aiva can rest from the dragging even a blind person can see that Kanaga and Tsatsi are dating i don’t know what all the dragging is all about.


I thought y’all said Tsatsi does not care about the ship or the gifts with her 25 degrees and one family house and the brother she called useless on international TV.

It’s the shippers we never had a problem with tsatsi. We were together at one point defend limpompo girls when they were called two Limpopo witches. Unfortunately Tsatsii’s fans weren’t rating blue Aiva n her diamonds like that.

If am shipping what are you going to do ? You can go and ship him with Tsatsi don’t tell me that. So what was she playing in the house? Please that young man you call a child is even more matured than you. Maturity that’s all it count.