Fans react to pictures of Murdah Bongz with Busiswa’s baby daddy.

When people have a similar interest in something, it is easy for them to get along. Especially when you work in the same environment, the more you meet the more you eventually just become more. It’s human nature and it expected of people. That’s why we end up thinking that celebrities are only befriending each other.





Murdah Bongz is a Black Motion member. It seems the musician has launched a solo career as well where he djs alone. He calls himself Mordah. He has been on a few gigs already. We hope the new venture works for him.

The star is close friends with DJ Kaygee thevibe who is the baby daddy of musician Busiswa. They always hang around each other. Kaygee shared some of their cute bromance pictures. We love how they get along just fine, which shows that men are vibe. Who wouldn’t thought, they make a cute friendship.