Fans notice the crowd looks bored while Andile Mpisane performed

Fans not impressed with Andile Mpisane’s performance.

Andile Mpisane performed at a club and people were not feeling the performance. They looked bored and they were not impressed by his performance. Not even one person danced along with him.




Fans on Twitter reacted this and said that the people’s facial expressions speaks volumes. Others said that this is beyond embarrassing.

One fan who was there posted on Twitter that the performance was embarrassing. Andile Mpisane was the last performer for the night so it could be that people were already tired to dance along and enjoy the performance. She said that Andile threw R100 notes at the crowd and Andile and his crew were dancing so hard it looked like the stage was about to collapse.

However big ups to Andile Mpisane for trying his hand at everything. Thank you for reading 🌻 please leave your comments down below and like share and follow me ♥️