Fans notice something strange on Connie Ferguson’s picture.

Connie Ferguson is a South African media personality and she is also one of the greatest actresses in South Africa.

She has been in the entertainment industry and also the business industry for more than 20 years now and she is still going strong.


She has acted on quite a lot of great telenovela’s such as The Queen,Rock Ville,kings of joburg and many other ones as well.

She is not only an actress but she has a production company as well and she has her own work out blog and skin products as well.

Connie Ferguson is one of the most humbled and successful ladies in South Africa.

She has two very beautiful daughters and also a grandson whom she loves very much and always posts on her social media pages.

Connie Ferguson posted a very beautiful picture of herself and fans noticed the man behind her and said that he looks like MR Sho who is her late husband.