Fans insulted Syacela and his soon-to-be wife after they shared post .

When Isencane Lengane’s reality show Moja Love aired on Channel 157, Siyacela Dlamuka became famous.

His decision to wed at the tender age of 16 startled many. As with his older siblings, his father had agreed to pay downwary for him, so he had no problem approving of his request. This is one of the most popular shows on television because it always leaves fans guessing about what will happen next in the next episode.

The relationship between Thando and Siyacela Dlamuka was going well for a year and a half before Syacela decided that he wanted to get married again, which he did.



Things began to deteriorate between him and his wife Thando at this point, as he was spending more time with the current girlfriend than he did with his wife.

As a result of her actions, Syacela’s fans were divided; some wished Thando would leave her husband since they believed she was being abused and treated like a slave.

The only option Thando had was to stay in her marriage despite seeing what her husband was doing.

Manto and Siyacela posted a picture of the two of them together, and even though some people were annoyed to see them together, they couldn’t help but criticize and abuse their relationship in the comments section.