Fans go bananas over Bontle Modiselle’s pictures with her daughter Afrika.

Africa is one big continent and the people are related to each other something. If one traces back correctly, we will find out that all of us are related. When you marry someone, their family becomes yours as well. You get to have more extended families.

Bontle Modiselle is a talented dancer, television presenter and businesswoman. She loves dancing so much that she opened her own dance studio. The studio has seen many celebrities visit them, such as international star Kelly Rowland. We all know how much she loves dancing and it is beautiful to see her manifest her dream and actually live it.





She’s a wife and mother. She’d been married to Priddy Ugly for years now and has a daughter named Afrika with. The cute family is currently in Angola visiting some of Priddy Ugly’s family that side. Bontle shared pictures of herself with their daughter looking all sorts of amazing. Afrika is growing up very big.