Fans gear up to see Denise Zimba on How to ruin Christmas 3.

There is a time for everything. We just need to understand that life will not always work according to how we want it. Certain things will only happen when God says so. No matter how much effort we put in, if it is not time then we will wait.

Denise Zimba is an actress, musician and television presenter. She’s known for her role on Generations and her presenting skills on Vuzu TV. She’s been off our screens for a long time now. She even released a song Thobela which her fans loved. She got married early this year with a beautiful ceremony.




It seems God is finally shining on her life. She’s set to star in How to ruin Christmas 3. Her fans are very excited to see her and what she’s bringing. It’s going to be different without Tumi but we hope it works out. It is going to be a ball of different energy.