Fans come after LaConco for being Fake, See Why?

To this day, some people still do not understand why LaConco had to rent a house so that she can film The Real Housewives of Durban reality show, they even see it as her being fake. The star was supposed to show her own real home, but she decided to do otherwise.

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People are expected to be real and genuine when appearing in reality shows, even The Real Housewives of Durban co-star Ayanda Ncwane mentioned that the show also rented an apartment for her to film in because they wanted her to be on the show so bad. Although Ayanda is originally from Durban, she is currently living in Johannesburg.LaConco biography, age, child, husband, real housewives of Durban | TheNation | Fiance, Biography, Reality television

Fans decided to take to Twitter and speak about how they thought it was wrong for LaConco to be filmed in another home that is not where she is living.

@Lilbourgiboy said, “That property LaConco shot her home screens in is not where she lives. Yeah, this lady needs to get demoted. She’s literally crafting her life for the cameras”.

@DImakat76583357 also said, “I think LaConco needs help, she is not herself, being dumped by an old grandfather is a curse. Things that she is doing are not normal. I have never seen such a person who lies like LaConco. She used to be in that high place, now she is here with us and it is not easy to expect, wow shame”.