Fans are not Happy with MaKhumalo after Seeing This

Remember when MaKhumalo told her husband, Musa Mseleku about the sexy pajama party that they would have at the girls’ only getaway on The Real Housewives of Durban and he coughed, started asking about who they would be getting sexy for?

Well, it took us down memory lane when MaKhumalo came out wearing fully covered pajamas with a bonnet which made her look like a granny to some.

This pretty much reminded us of the time that she was lectured by her husband Musa like a kid to change her leggings because Musa claimed that it was too revealing. Musa also refuses his wives’ privileges to the gym because he is insecure about other men looking at them.Uthando Nesthembu: Musa Mseleku is still hell-bent on taking a 5th wife

Now, some people on Twitter had things to say about MaKhumalo, and most of them were not happy at all.

@MprueDie said, “MaKhumalo would have never shown up with anything shorter than that gown. Remember when she got in trouble with her man for wearing leggings to the gym? Ufuna ba gyme ngeydwaba yini? (you want them to gym in traditional clothes?)”.


@Mhu_se also said, “Even how she dresses it reflects so much of the marriage and Musa’s standards rather than how she would prefer to do things”.

It seems like Musa has so many standards that he set for his wives to follow, and he does not want them wearing or doing anything that does not sit well with him.

In my opinion, I would say that MaKhumalo coming out wearing the type of pajamas she had on was not much of a bad thing. Even though she can be sexy at any time, she must also remember that she is a married woman, and must respect herself and her man too because what she does also gets reflected on her husband. What do you think about MaKhumalo’s pajamas? Leave a comment and let us know.