Fan noticed that Aka liked Murdah Bongz video of Asante laughing for Kairos picture

Murdah Bongz shared video of baby Asante laughing at a picture of Kairo and a fan noticed that AKA liked it.

In the video, DJ Zinhle showed baby Asante a picture of her and Kairo and baby Asante darted to smile and laugh. DJ Zinhle said in her post that Asante is obsessed with a Kairo. This was such a super cute video that Murdah Bongz shared it to his instagram page.






Fans were commenting how baby Asante got so happy to see her a picture of her sister, and how much she loves her sister, amongst those comments, a fan noticed that AKA liked the video aswell.

This is not the first time that AKA liked a video or picture of Asante and Kairo. We also saw in dj Zinhle’s reality show that AKA said he wanted to be apart Asante’s life aswell because she is Kairo’s sister. It seems like the blended family is working out for Dj Zinhle Murdah Bongz and aka.

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