Famous Tiktoker regrets swallowing a Spider for content, after noticing his face swelling

Source: https://www.facebook.com/438216603021915/posts/2504838946359660/?mibextid=5gdBGT9ZFDE4ZL3L

People will do anything for content with the aim to gain more followers a day. These days young people no longer study their preferred careers majority have found an easy route to make a living without touching books.





With the use of social media many have opted for content creation, while some succeed easily some end up getting in trouble trying to impress Nations. So far young people have died horribly all because of content, one of the famous Tiktoker shared a short clip of himself exposing how badly he injured himself trying to impress. Tuko.co.ke shared that he swallowed a spider by mistake trying to make content for his viewers. Only to realize later that he made thee biggest mistake. After seeing chances on his face he went back and asked his followers to pray for him.

Lucky man did not lose his life God managed to give him a second chance. After the incident he went back for content creation but with the aim to stop young creators from making mistakes he did for the love of money and likes on social media.