Faith Nketsi’s Wedding Shuts Down The Internet, See Images

On Sunday 10th April, many were caught off guard by the news that South African female rapper and personality, Faith Nketsi had gotten married in a private ceremony. Well many are still quite in disbelief.

Many individuals after hearing the news took to social medias a platforms to verify and it turned out to be true. Faith has gotten married to Nzuzo Njilo who she ha been dating for quite a while now and, have been spotted many times with on private cruises and other ceremonies.

Faith has also confirmed this by updating her Instagram profile name from just ‘ Faith Nketsi ‘ to ‘ Faith Nketsi Njilo ‘. Although many tried to bash the union, it is clear the couple will not be entertaining any bad vibes. The beautiful private event’s videos and photos have however been released to the public and we on iKnowVations have them just for you.