Faith Nketsi Vents On Her Time Line About How Her Helper does Not Want To Literally Help Her

Have you ever had a helper from hell, well this is what seem to be going on in the Njilo household as they are one young couple and first time parents, but the experience has become unbearable for the first lady, it looks like Faith nketsi- Njilo’s helper does not quite get the memo of what is expected of her, read the issue below.

‘Aunty is great at what she does ne. But for some reason, I get a weird vibe when I ask her to assist me, but I thought I won’t address it because it could just be in my head. Before I carry on,she was referred to us by a family members aunty, So we just hired her without meeting her (our mistake). We were told that she was 40 but when she arrived i found out that she actually 50 and she gave me a whole explanation about her ID faults. Ok fine, I let it slide, time went on and Aunty is always complaining about being Sick, therefore can she rest, ok cool, my mom would give her medicine and we obviously didn’t mind, untill it started happening a lot.




I told her that when my husband has a meeting at home can she please offer guests something to drink and she gave off that vibe and told me that she Doesn’t know how to make tea and coffee, so I taught her. That day I left, when I came back she expressed how tired she was, I asked why, and she said that she’s been serving my husband and guest the whole day. Later I asked my husband, and he said she only brought the drinks once.

Fast forward: she chose to never offer guests something to drink. I let it slide, and decided I’ll just do it. Now let’s talk about this vibe that she gives off. Now when Ubaba asks her to do something she does it with such optimism but when I ask her, she drags her feet.’