Faith Nketsi Uses Tea

Last week of faith share how she lost her belly fat after having baby Skye by doing a fat freeze, and people were grateful that she shared with them, and I’m sure most of them will put the money together. When they can go do their own fat freeze. Whiles, go the same Faith is saying she uses tea to get her tummy flat. No, guys these influencers are playing us, but her fans quickly call that out and then. I realized that means I’m not crazy because other people were thinking the same thing I was. Faith posted a picture and said My favorite combo at Z health belt plus tea for that flat tummy results.


This just reminded me of that time Queen B did an ad for that skincare brand wearing makeup, and they called it flawless skin. “ave nidlala nagth kodwa just yesterday you went to go to a fat freeze, but now you’re here” said a Tweep. “I’m sitting here thinking the same thing” Another person said. “And the surgeries and everything we will drink the tea till Jesus comes, and we will never get the result” ,Another person said. I mean the least you could have done is wait for a few months, so we forget. Surely she must have known that we will remember such information. Which one are we supposed to take now.

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