Faith Nketsi Shows Her Face Without Makeup On Season 4 Promo Of Her Reality Show.

Faith Nketsi- Njilo recently got married this year and this has become a major storyline for Season 4 of her reality TV show, Have Faith.

She has really grown as a reality TV star and with her new season, we feel like she is finally showing us her true self as she shares her journey before marriage to husband, Nzuzo Njilo.




And for once to our surprise, Faith Nketsi shows us her real face without makeup and hair. And we can’t help but analyze how different she looks without makeup. For us to call a celebrity “perfect”, it’s nice to know how they actually look without makeup.

Maybe it’s the marriage but Faith Nketsi has never shown us her real face until now and it’s amazing to watch.

She is indeed a beautiful woman but it’s clear that she is a normal person without the help of makeup. You could literally pass her in the street If she doesn’t have makeup on because she looks almost unrecognizable.

Have Faith Season 4 already got us on our toes with this picture of Faith without makeup and we can’t wait to watch it!