Faith Nketsi shares moments of herself with her mother and daughter.

You will understand some of the choices that your parents have made when you, yourself become a parent. Being a parent puts things into perspective. You realize just how lucky and fortunate you are and why your parents have been so hard on you while you were growing up.




In most times we even want to raise our children how our parents raised us, with small changes there and there. Faith Nketsi became a first time mother months back. The rapper, twerk queen and reality star became a mother when people were not expecting it. She seems to be enjoying her new role as Sky’s mother.

It is her first mot0her’s day as a mother and she made sure to go all out. She shared pictures of herself, her mother and Sky in matching tops. We loved the picture of them giving us three generations in one picture. And of course those where she’s with her mothers.