Faith Nketsi Is A Blessed Woman, Read What Her Husband Did To Be Close To Her

Today we take a look into the Glamours life of Queen Twerk better known as Faith Nketsi-Njilo. For those who don’t know faith Nketsi she is known for her perfectly shaped body that she dresses in expensive designer clothes, her sleek machines, and her exotic vacations, everything about Faith Nketsi exudes a taste for fine expensive things, and she has also applied this taste to her house.

Today we take a look into her beautiful house as well as the rumors that she had listed her house for sale.

Here is what we know about the house:


Faith Nketsi often shares pictures of herself in her house or pictures of her house but however, but she is always careful about leaking too much when it comes to details of the house. This time however Faith Nketsi revealed that her house is located in Hyde Park and it has been reported that her husband Njilo has recently bought a house in the same area just under 1 kilometer away from her house all in the name of being close to her beautiful house. These are real couple goals there isn’t a lot of man out there who can move out of their comfort zone just so that they can be close to their significant other.

So did faith really put up her house for sale? well, there has been a lot of speculation and people are even saying she is selling the house because she and her husband are broke and this is to pay off the sum of R1 million Njilo scammed his business partners after filing for bankruptcy however there hasn’t been any concrete evidence to Faith listing her house for sale.

Many also speculate that if Faith sells her house it would only be to accommodate her newborn baby into a more baby-friendly home. Well, only Faith and her husband know the real truth.

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