Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo allegedly headed

Faith Nketsi has become one of the most popular women in the entertainment industry, and even before she became a rapper, Faith started getting quite a lot of attention on social media, and she managed to get millions of followers on Instagram, and she became what we call today a social media personality. Over the past few months, things haven’t been great for Faith and her ex-husband Nzunzo Njilo as they went through a separation, and it even came to light that Nzuzo had been arrested on fraud charges, but it’s recently been discovered that he was released on bail.

Well, a lot of people were stunned when they woke up to some Instagram updates of Faith Nketsi and her “ex-husband” on a plane headed to Cape Town for a quote-unquote “Small vacation.”.



MDN News recently made a post that included the Instagram story that she posted, and they had this to say, “Faith Nketsi and her husband Nzuzo Njilo headed to Cape Town for a small vacation after he was granted bail.”.

People were surprised by this because they knew that Faith and Nzuzo had broken up, and what’s even worse is the fact that it was reported that she had also moved out of their million rand mansion that they use to live in together with their baby.

Some people in the comments were saying that she should enjoy it while it lasts because they think the husband is probably going to get arrested and taken to jail very soon, as the charges he is facing can’t just be brushed under the rug.