Facebook Users Said This About King Monada’s Two Wives

King Monada’s wives were the talk of Facebook recently. Kgoshigadi Cynthia Ntebatse Leon and Kgoshigadi Lerato Ramawela are the stunning wives of King Monada.

Currently, King Monada has two wives in his polygamous marriage. The presence of Cynthia Ntebatse as a co-wife doesn’t appear to worry Lerato Ramawela, the first wife, in the least. They seem very happy.



Lerato and Monada, who have been married for 10 years recently welcomed their daughter. In 2021, Monada introduced his 2nd wife,Cynthia Ntebatse, to the world. The couple have been together for quite sometime and their union was blessed with a handsome son.

Facebook users had a lot to say about Monada’s two wives after this picture (above) was posted. Many users made a lot of nasty colourist remarks about Lerato. People compared the physical appearances Wodumo the wives and made a lot of comments that would not make any woman happy with herself.