Jacob Zuma’s ex fiancèe and TV star exposed about her living conditions

Former President Jacob Zuma’s ex fiancèe and TV star, Nonkanyiso Conco who is affectionately known as LaConco has been exposed. A bombshell has been dropped about the Real Housewives of Durban star regarding her ‘house’.

In this show, the wives host fellow members in their houses and it is shown each episode. However, with the case of LaConco,fans are astonished to see how they have been misled. Throughout the second season, LaConco has dragged other housewives, particularly Thobile ‘MaKhumalo’Mseleku.



Every fan of the show saw how LaConco provoked MaKhumalo most especially of her house in Umzumbe. However, what’s admirable is the fact that MaKhumalo actually owns the house in Umzumbe and not renting it just to give a false impression to viewers. She remained authentic.

The part two of the Reunion episode of Real Housewives of Durban which aired on Showmax on Friday 13th May showed LaConco that she actually rented a house to film in during season two of the show.
LaConco then revealed that she actually rented the house which other ladies thought she owns it.

This comes after the ladies questioned where they had been meeting LaConco, of which she answered that it was not her home and that she does not own the tittle deed but merely renting it.