Exclusive: Masasa Mbangeni on her role in ‘Devil’s Peak’

Devil’s Peak is a crime thriller based on the best-selling 2004 novel by South African writer Deon Meyer. The five-episode crime thriller series is set in and around Cape Town. Devil’s Peak follows broken detective Benny Griesel (Hilton Pelser). Benny is on a mission to track down the vigilante serial killer Thobela Mpayiheli (played by Sisanda Henna) – who is known as the Assegai Killer as his crimes capture the city.







Actress Misasa Mbangeni plays the role of Mbali Kaleni – one of the SAPS’ few university-educated female officers. She often faces sexism in the workplace but focuses on furthering her career.

While Mbali sees Benny as the poster boy for white privilege, the pair soon develop a begrudging respect for each other.

The South African sat down with Masasa for a quick question and answer session at the media junket held in Cape Town.

Your character is an educated woman in a male dominated industry. You experience a lot of sexism and male privilege in the workplace. So, what are some of the struggles that your character faced?

Mbali, for me represents an altruism and a proud South African-ness about her, which I really enjoy. You would think with the education she has, she would pursue opportunities outside of a very wanky system, like the policing system in South Africa. I think there is a part of her that genuinely wants – as the famous adage goes – be the difference and the change she wants to see in the world.

What was it like adapting to South African identities without the stereotypes?

It wasn’t difficult because Matt (Orton) and Deon (Meyer) do a great job in the writing. They really gift it to use in the way that they have written it (the series). For instance, Deon Meyer has such a deep care and love for South Africa and all of her people, their complexions and complexities. Every way that he writes, whether it is Heart of the Hunter or Devil’s Peak, there is a deep love and care for South Africans.