Event organizer Aviwe given 7 days to apologize for his nasty comments against Dumi Mkokstad


A disparaging accusation against artist manager “Aviwe Gqomfo” has resulted in a seven-day deadline for him to apologize to gospel star “Dumi Mkokstad”. 

“Dumi”, according to “Aviwe”, ‘slept’ with other men while he rose through the ranks. These allegations did not reach well to the gospel singer he ended up going the legal way for defamation of character.






Many people accused him of slandering “Dumi”, which sparked a wide range of responses. Most people expressed themselves on the matter saying what he did was out of line as he is painting the image of a father, a singer, husband and public figure in a wrong way.

In addition, he said “Dumi” did not undergo an initiation ritual at the mountain as required by “Xhosa tradition”. 

The disparaging post by “Dumi’s” legal team, according to Drum, has been delivered to “Aviwe” with seven days to take down and apologize. The event manager is given 7 days to take back his post down and apologize.

According to the site, “Aviwe” penned the following in his post: “Let me go to the toilet with my butts which have never been inserted with”.

will the event organizer do the right thing and apologize for the insults he uttered to “Dumi”, or will see a court case of defamation of character unfold.