Even though SK Khoza was cancelled a number of times , he’s thankful for his dangerooous scenes on ‘The Queen’

Even though SK Khoza was cancelled a number of times , he’s thankful for his s scenes on ‘The Queen’
SK Khoza also revealed how hard the Fergusons fought for him when he was taken out a number of times on the show.





The Kings of Joburg star Sthembiso “SK” Khoza has shared what it was like working for a production like The Queen from its inception. He took to Instagram to give props to the director of the show, Andries van der Merwe for his contribution to making Shaka the character he became.
He said, “Andries van der Merwe. King, thank you for allowing me to do whatever I wanted to do with the SHAKA character, and for giving me the room to be as creative and as dangerous, like you always say, as I wanted to make him”.

SK also mentioned that even though they are done working together on The Queen, they are still working together on Netflix’s original series King of Joburg.
“It’s an honour to have worked with you, not forgetting the work that’s still coming on Netflix on January 27th Kings of Joburg Season Two. Until we meet again, I take a bow and raise a glass,” he added.
“Connie Ferguson and Mr SHO, it really feels like I have been blessed with two older siblings who would do and say anything to protect me. Ngiyabonga for always having my back when others turned.
SK also revealed that even though he was taken off the show a number of times, the Fergusons fought hard for him.

“No matter how many times they took me out, you fought. People don’t know this to always bring me back and whenever you did, it was always silenced. You both love me so much and I love and respect you back. I look forward to working with Ferguson Films again soon. But for now, I TAKE A BOW AND CHEERS,” he said.