Eunice Thought That She Was Called For An Interview But They Just Wanted

Eunice went to Charlie’s shop to buy bread in the morning. While she was at the shop, she received a call from the hospital. She answered her phone and she heard Melita’s voice. Eunice asked Melita what she wants. Melita told her that she should come to the hospital at 13:00 to see Shoki. Eunice told Melita that she will be there then she hung up.


Charlie asked her why she was happy. She told him that there is a possibility that she might get her job back. Charlie was happy for her. He even wished her luck. Eunice wore nice clothes and went to see Shoki.

When she arrived at the hospital, she went to Shoki’s office. She told Shoki that she is nervous about the interview. Shoki told Eunice that she did not call her for an interview. Eunice was surprised.

She told Eunice that she called her because she wants her to testify against Obed. Eunice was disappointed.