Eunice Left Mzansi Impressed After She Finally Put Mr Kgomo In His Place After This In #SkeemSaam

SkeemSaam is giving new kids access to the industry since and here we Eunice who us marking her territory in Turf Hospital. Eunice is the only reason mzansi is watching #SkeemSaam. Right now she is putting Mr Kgomo right in his place. Eunice Is dealing with Mr Kgomo neatly and legibly.

Mzansi has never been so happy after seeing Eunice telling Mr Kgomo where to get off. Eunice did justice to everyone for putting Mr Kgomo in his place ,Eunice for President. Eunice telling Mr Kgomo to separate his private life and work was the honest truth he needed to be told. Turf Hospital is on fire because of Paxton and Eunice. And Eunice is putting some paraffin on the fire. Eunice is brave but she’s right Mr Kgomo shouldn’t have brought that up at work.




Mr Kgomo will never mess with Eunice again, he unleashed a beast in her. She’s definitely right, no one has ever put Mr Kgomo at his rightful place, why would he bring what happened outside workplace to work? Eunice Nkadimeng was right, Paxton is not an employee at Turfloop Hospital. Mr Kgomo deserves a son like a Paxton for being a horrible boss. He thinks so highly of himself and his child is a rebel liked the way Eunice told him to not bring home matters at work. I think she’s right because she knows she’s not the wrson who started the party, Pax lied to his father and became Mr Kgomo hates Eunice, he believed Pax,

Melitta was shot and guess what? Meiki is the first suspect. Rambo is going back to jail. With Meikie leaving Turf, they’ll blame her for Melita being shot and running away. John is not gonna be her alibi, he already blames her. It’s sad seeing Meikie like this, just as she wanted to be a changed woman and then Melita got shot and now she’s the suspect.