Eunice is about to become even richer, RAF will pay out soon. Money attracts money

Eunice was involved in a car accident and she did not want to stay in a public hospital because she thinks people are jealous of her. Mr Kgomo’s worst nightmare is Eunice, as soon as he heard that Eunice was admitted at hospital he was panicking and even started to lose his temper, he even compared her with Beatrice. He was relieved when he heard that she forced to get discharged.




Pretty and her family were concerned when they heard that Eunice was involved in a car accident. They thought that Khwezi might be involved in it. When Pretty tried to to go check up on Eunice at her flat she found her and her family saying that MaNtuli and her family are jealous because Eunice is living a better life than Pretty, so Pretty turned back before even knocking.

Bad news finally came to Eunice. Malebana came to tell her that the person who came to her pretending to be the owner of the stolen car was lying.