Eunice From #SkeemSaam Blew R1.7 Million. Check Out How Much She’s Left In Her Account

There is no longer any money for Eunice. Out of the R1.4 million that she won from Fanie, she still has R134 in her possession. Skeem Saam’s current narrative is a popular among fans. Since Eunice acquired millions of dollars from her late partner, Fanie Maseremule, she has been on a spending spree with her newfound wealth.

It is unfortunate that she did not take any action to prevent herself from going bankrupt. Eunice has really gotten her break thanks to SkeemSaam, and we can finally appreciate how talented an actor she is. The fact that they give everyone a chance to show themselves and that everyone is treated as a lead actor or actress is something that the audience absolutely adores.





But if we are being completely forthright, Eunice was the victim of a theft. Even if she lost that money, it does not necessarily mean that she was a failure. The manner in which Kgosi leapt off the bed in order to assist Ash in raising Eunice. I have faith that we have all picked up something new as a result of listening to Eunice’s story. SkeemSaam is, on some level, attempting to enlighten us regarding the manner in which our taxes are being spent, and Eunice represents the government. All of the things that Eunice squandered a total of more than 1.7 million dollars on. # The writers at SkeemSam might have said that she received at least 10 million, but instead they are trying to trick us.

She has already spent more than R1.3 million because she paid the guy who cracked the code and helped her retrieve her money an additional 400 thousand rand. Every day, she sends at least R100,000 in payments to herself. The fans of SkeemSaam can only dream of being as wealthy as Eunice. Imagine owning a million dollars that always remained a million dollars, regardless of how much you spent it. That sum of money is never exhausted.

No more will Eunice speak to people in such a lowly manner! At the very least, Mr. Nkadimeng will realize the importance of respecting others. But this is much too soon. When you have a kind nature and a lot of trust, like Eunice does, you are bound to attract scumbags like Kgosi (Tsotsi), and Ash!

I can’t help but be curious about what the future holds for Eunice. The episode that airs tomorrow cannot come soon enough for us.