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Each week, Scandal delivers unbeatable storylines, great actors, and no dragging. People who watch etvScandal have been thanking the show for listening to their complaints.

Mzansi was also shocked to learn that Lindiwe has been pregnant for 5 months and didn’t even know it. Since it came out that Lindiwe is 5 months pregnant, Mzansi has been wondering who the father is. Since it’s likely that Mdala is Lindiwe’s baby’s father, it looks like he’s coming back.




The people of Mzansi have been wondering what will happen to Nhlamulo now that they know the truth about the baby. After hearing the doctor say that Lindiwe is 5 months pregnant, Nhlamulo was left in. As soon as he heard that she was five months pregnant, he changed his face. It looks like he is also wondering if he or Mdala is the father. Nhlamulo was also keeping track of the months and figuring out that Lindiwe could be taking care of Mdala’s baby.

When Mdaka was trying to use Lindiwe to get to Nhlamulo, she was in a relationship with Mdala. A couple of times, they have slept together. Mdaka took that chance to brag to Nhlamulo and show him that he can do everything he has in one quick move.

This is another reason why men don’t forgive cheating, and it’s also why women shouldn’t cheat back. To think that Nhlamulo tried so hard to warn Lindiwe about Mdala, but she didn’t listen to him because he was her husband. Instead, she chose to open legs for the worst enemy of her husband and give him a child, which she had never done for her husband.

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