ETV Scandal|| Winnie told Jojo the truth that she is Nkazimulo’s mother and Mbali is not his mother

Jojo found Winnie breastfeeding Nkazimulo and he was not happy. He took the baby and went to Mbali’s room to tell her what had happened. Mbali told Jojo that the reason Winnie was breastfeeding Nkazimulo was because she is helping her. Jojo did not understand.





Mbali told him that they should go and ask Winnie. He went to Winnie alone and when Mbali was about to call Winnie, Jojo took her phone and left. When Jojo arrived in Winnie’s room, she found her packing, she wanted to leave.

Jojo sat down with her and asked her to tell him the truth. Winnie told Jojo that he should talk to Mbali but Jojo told her that he can’t do that because he does not trust Mbali. Jojo asked her to look him in the eyes and tell him the truth. “I was breastfeeding Nkazimulo because I am his mother.” Said Winnie. Jojo was surprised, he did not not what to say but he knew that it was possible because Mbali has been lying to him for years.Source: