ETV Scandal|| Taps visited Mdala and he found out that he is not coping in jail

Taps decided to visit Mdala out of nowhere and he couldn’t believe what he saw. Mdala asked him what was wrong because he never visted him ever since he was locked up. Taps told him that nothing was wrong and that he just wanted to visit him.

Mdala belived that everyone has moved on with their lives and Taps lied to him and told him that things are not going well without him. Mdala knew that he was lying to him but he kept quiet. He asked him how Hlogi was and also wanted to know if she already found a boyfriend yet.



Taps told him that Hlogi was single and that she wouldn’t move on with her life becasue she loves Mdala. Mdala told him that things between them were not great when he was arrested. Taps promised to fix things for him with Hlogi because he does not like to see him like that.